Byrd Jewelry is devoted to creating unique artisanal jewelry that evokes the subtle palette of earth and sea using modern, high quality materials. With a simple yet elegant combination of natural gemstones and metals, each handcrafted piece is designed for versatility: to be donned on a special evening out or simply with casual, everyday wear. Byrd Jewelry has always strived to pair beautiful products with excellent customer service, and is perhaps best known for its straight-from-the-studio customization.

Hannah Byrd, the designer, lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia along with her husband and four children. She crafts pieces that utilize the classic look of sterling silver and 14K gold fill, while always finding new ways to bring out the natural beauty of semi-precious stones. As a mother and an artist, she creates only the type of high quality jewelry that she herself would wear, and she personally guarantees every piece.

Here is a recent interview from The Scout Guide blog:


What are some of your favorite stones and materials to use?

I would say I am most attracted to earthy, natural colored stones and get really excited about some faceted smokey quartz, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine, labradorite (dumbest name ever for a stone but I love it), and freshwater pearls, especially coin pearls. I use only sterling silver, 14K gold fill, and vermeil to make them high quality, yet still affordable.


What inspires you when you are creating jewelry?

Sometimes I have ideas for a design first and look for stones that will work best, but most of the time it’s the stones that get me really excited. I am always searching for the most beautiful stones I can find and will sometimes stay up late night after night working on the best ways to display them. It’s so fun! I also love working with brides and figuring out their style to create the perfect wedding or bridesmaid jewelry. I prefer simple designs to really show off a stone, or sometimes more intricate, delicate designs using a variety of smaller faceted stones or pearls.


What do you like to do for fun?

Well with a five year old, two year old, and being very pregnant, right now I enjoy just getting outside and spending time in our yard. I also enjoy being at the beach when it’s warm, spending time with friends, surfing, paddle boarding, photography, and making jewelry of course.


What are you most excited about for summer?

Our summers are a little unique in that we spend them with a bunch of college and high school students on Hatteras Island, where my husband and I run a small, week-long surf camp called Surf Hatteras. So you may find me with a two-month old strapped to my chest taking pictures of kids surfing, ordering college students around in the kitchen, perhaps being the “cat lady” in a skit, or searching high school kids’ pillow cases for their cell phones they swear they didn’t bring to camp. It’s action-packed and exhausting, but really magical to live in such a beautiful place and to be at the beach all the time.


Where else can we see your jewelry?

(Updated) Currently you can find collections at Jody G and Lemon Cabana in Virginia Beach, VA, as well as Roxy Daisy and Scarpa in Charlottesville, VA.

I also do a handful of shows throught the year including private house parties.

If you are interested in selling Byrd Jewelry in your store or would like to host a house party, please contact me!